The American Institute of Clinical Massage

The American Institute of Clinical Massage (AiCM) creates valuable, well trained massage therapists for the Spa and Health Care Fields of the Inland Northwest by educating students with advanced teaching methods and clinical practice.  We work with the community to determine what employers need and continually study and evaluate student outcomes and institutional goals to improve our efforts for our students, staff, employers and the community.  We offer a unique "Tuition Credit" payment option to graduate debt-free. This massage school is accredited by the ACCSC--the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

We, the faculty and staff at AiCM, will work hard to ensure your successful completion of the programs that will prepare you for your new profession.  To this end, we demand dedication, discipline, and determination from every student.  This ensures the community that the AiCM certifies only the most vigorously trained and qualified graduates entering this field. 

The Massage Therapy Certification Program is completed in 12 months. Our 7 instructors have more than a combined 100 years of experience in the medical and massage fields.

AiCM History

The American Institute of Clinical Massage (AiCM) has been creating valuable well trained Massage Therapists and Practitioners of the Inland Northwest Region for more than 20 years! In May of 2012 The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants, Inc. (NYSMDA) acquired the assets of the American Institute of Clinical Massage. In August of 2012 ACCSC recognized the American Institute of Clinical Massage as a branch campus of NYSMDA. The school has been managed by CLIDO, Inc., which is owned by Clinton Arnaboldi and Douglas K. Jordan. For additional information on NYSMDA click here:

Our Mission

To serve the community by creating valuable well-trained massage therapists for the spa and healthcare fields of the Inland Northwest.


AiCM is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).  ACCSC has accrediting standards that are designed to enhance the quality of education.  Some of the things The Standards of Accreditation require of schools are: to maintain reasonable graduation and employment rates; insure that instructors possess the educational and occupational experience to be effective teachers; insure schools are managed by a person or a team of people who have the necessary experience and abilities to effectively manage an institution; conduct regular program advisory board meetings with members of the employment community so that the school's curricula are meeting the needs of the employment community; mandate instructors attend continuing education courses so that they are knowledgeable and up to date in their field of study and that their pedagogical techniques are satisfactory; insure that the school’s library and learning resources are adequate to support the curriculums that the school offers; insure that the facilities are adequately maintained; mandate that students have adequate time for hands-on training and practicing on the training equipment and to make sure the equipment is sufficient in quantity and that it is sufficiently up to date and kept in good repair.

The Standard of Accreditation also require the schools to use ethical admissions procedures to ensure that a student is informed of his/her obligations prior to attending and that the student was not pressured into enrolling.  To become accredited and to maintain accreditation status schools must go through a vigorous review process.  For more about ACCSC's accreditation, click here: