Advantages to AiCM's Tuition Credit program

Massage School campus

Massage School campus

January 11, 2018

student loan debt exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars

Receiving a good postsecondary education that will prepare you to have a successful and fulfilling career is more important than ever.  There are not many well-paying and fulfilling career opportunities for those with just a high school diploma.  However, postsecondary education is also more expensive than it has ever been.  College students are borrowing more money to finance the cost of their education and total student loan debt exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars which makes it the second largest consumer debt category in the nation just behind mortgage debt but ahead of credit card debt and automobile loan debt.   More than two million student loan borrowers have more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) of student loan debt.

Receiving a four-year college degree and experiencing college can be a life changing experience. However, with many colleges charging $65,000 a year for tuition room and board is it worth it to take out the amount of debt needed to finance such an education?  Many students who finish college and take out large amounts of debt do not end up with a job that pays enough to pay off their loans.  These graduates have set themselves up with a large burden which may result in a lifetime of financial stress.

Fulfilling Career choices

Other heavily indebted borrowers end up with jobs that they are not satisfied with.  AiCM recently admitted a recent college graduate who was not satisfied with the job she had and wanted a job that was less sedentary and more physical.  She is now studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She is convinced that this career will fulfill her in a way that a desk job could not.  There are many college graduates like her who may regret accumulating debt by attending a four-year college program and then being dissatisfied with their employment prospects after graduation.

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Students practice their skill in the supervised student clinic

Students practice their skill in the supervised student clinic


At AiCM we have developed a unique model where students can train to be licensed massage therapist in either or both the states of Washington and Idaho by making a modest down payment and then conducting massages in the student clinic to pay the remainder of the tuition.  Most of the school’s students finance their education through this plan.  

Tuition Credit Program

After making an initial deposit a student will have a balance of approximately $7,000.  They then have the option of working in the student clinic where the massage fees and the tips minus a modest allowance for oils and sheets will be credited to the student’s account.  In addition to paying off a student’s tuition the program also allows the student to hone and perfect their craft by administering many massages prior to graduation.  This allows them to graduate as a more confident and more effective massage therapist.

In addition to this benefit through the tuition credit program many AiCM graduates have built up a clientele by practicing in the student clinic and have been able to start their own successful businesses by using the clients that they met in the student clinic.  


Best profession for Millennials!

The massage therapy field was recently voted one of the ten (10) best professions for millennials by US News and World Report because of its income producing potential, the flexible hours that are available to Licensed Massage Therapists as well as the expected growth and the projected need for more therapists in the future.  For more information about the top 10 jobs for millennials click the following link:

With this being said the profession is not for everyone.  However, if you or someone you know is the type of person who is a good listener, enjoys working with their hands, enjoys helping people who have temporary or chronic pain feel better and enjoys learning about the muscular and skeletal system and how it works then massage therapy and the tuition credit program might be a good fit.


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